Thanks to artist Keith Kattner for posting my glowing review on his website!

There are a lot of reasons I do what I do. I like to connect people with artists, turning them into collectors while helping expose artists to new audiences. I like to ponder what a work of art means, and how the words of an artist do or do not match what I see on canvas.

But I would be lying if I said there wasn’t something immensely gratifying about an artist loving what I’ve written about them. I was invited to Keith Kattner’s solo exhibition several years ago by my dear friend Rodrigo Solomon, who directs and curates the Solomon Arts Gallery in TriBeCa. I was astounded by Kattner’s contemplative, melodic paintings, and spent quite a bit of time considering their significance. (You can read the article here, if you’d like to see for yourself.) I later learned that Kattner was deeply affected by my words, and felt that I really understood him. What a really special thing to hear! And now he has linked to my words on his website.

I hope you spend some time gazing at his paintings. They will likely make you feel at ease, but not too much so. There’s an energy running through his work more akin to a steady stream of thought than a state of zen.

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