Hi art-lovers, happy people, and friends! I HAVE A WEBSITE! Yes, me. The girl who didn’t bring her printer to college because she couldn’t change the cartridge. The girl who accidentally broadcast her weekly email from Victoria’s Secret on the projector during a science presentation. And yes, the girl who flooded her kitchen by opening the washing machine while it was still running. I am the most technologically impaired person you will ever meet, and now I have a website.

The technology gods have smiled upon me, or maybe the gremlins have decided to give me a chance, and I am going to take that chance and run with it!

I present to you: canvasandcrumpets, a blog where I can share all my favorite crafts, gallery and museum reviews, thoughts on art history, and little tidbits about ways to brighten up your day. Art makes me happy… and I want it to make you happy too! Cannot wait to start blogging. Until then, here’s a picture one of my favorite paintings by the one and only Fragonard. (You’ll be hearing more about him soon!)

xoxo, Chloe ❤



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