Brighten Up Your Bedside!

I love flowers. I love them in my hair, on my clothes, pinned to my tote bag, or reinterpreted on a funky poster. But I never thought of flowers as a feasible thing to keep in my dorm. Considering they die after a couple weeks, it seemed like a waste of money. And so, I keep to my silk flowers and printed flowers, imagining their fragrance.

Last week, my boyfriend bought me flowers. (Lilies, one of my favorites.) I put them in a vase next to my window, and put some floral frames next to it. The entire effect is lovely! I wake up to them, study next to them, and fall asleep to their sweet scent. They also match the flower power theme I have going in my hippie-nostalgic bedroom.


When these flowers inevitably crumble (I have decided not to use the more disheartening, ‘die’) I am going to to buy myself a small potted plant, and maybe a bouquet every once in a while. The small cost is worth the beautiful effect. I encourage you to brighten up your bedside with flowers! If you don’t have a sunny window, try my floral frame craft, seen beside the vase.

Buy a plain wooden frame, a pack of acrylic flowers, sticker gemstones and scrapbooking stickies. All of these materials can be found at your local craft store. Paste each flower on the frame with the stickies, overlapping petals to make sure the entire frame is covered. Place one or several gemstones at the center of each flower. You can improvise with this last step. I want to try a glitter glue, pom-poms, glitter mist, or or tiny stamps for further projects! The whole project takes ten-twenty minutes, depending on how large your frames are.

No matter whether you have a sunny window or not, you can brighten up your bedside with a floral touch.

xoxo, Chloe <3

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