Russel de Moura- I Love You Son (National Gallery of Bermuda)

As promised, here is another fantastic work from the National Gallery of Bermuda! “I Love You Son,” by Russel de Moura.


There is something so visually alarming about this photo-manipulation. To me, the juxtaposition of human form and physical debris uncannily reminds us of our inevitable mortality. The figure on the viewer’s right crumbles into decay, while the figure on the viewer’s left begins to blend into his own street. I feel a sense of our fleeting existence as the two decompose into their surroundings.

Moura’s own inspiration for the work differs from the way I initially interpreted it (as a reminder of our ephemerality.) He expresses displeasure  at the way people have stopped thinking for themselves and instead rely on imported ideas and innovations. The high, black and white contrast of Moura’s personal images is meant to strip away context and render each image symbolic. The images are only half complete, much like the identity of the islander when his ability to “think on his feet” is removed.

An interesting tid bit on this gray Thursday… How do you feel when you see Russel de Moura’s “I Love You Son?”


xoxo, Chloe <3


  1. Bill says:

    These Moura images resemble eerie masquerade masks. Quite unusual indeed ! I love your review!

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