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Helllloooo everyone!

For the less artistically inclined, I know that mixed media art and crafting can seem extremely complicated. After I posted the alcohol ink coaster craft a few weeks ago, I got both rave reviews…. and a few requests to post a simpler craft. So here ya go! A simple frame craft that is sure to brighten your desk or bureau. I made this set of two with a ballet theme when I found these two old pictures of my sister and I dancing. (She’s the tall one, I’m the pudgy one).

IMG_8292 IMG_8293


-Sanded wooden frames. These were under five dollars each, and came already sanded (they weren’t rough or scratchy).

-Ribbon (Mine was pink)

-Fancy Scrapbooking tape (Mine was glittery green)

-Sticker letters


^Yup, that’s it.

1. Play around placing strips of ribbon and scrapbooking tape at different angles on your frames. I find that contrasting angles are visually pleasing. (ex: one horizontal stripe, one vertical, or one horizontal and one diagonal). When you are ready, cut the strips with two extra inches.

2.Glue down your ribbon, and tape the ends (one extra inch on each side) on the backside of the frame.

3.Remove the self-adhesive on the scrapbooking tape and lay down the tape flat in your desired location. Fold the ends (one extra inch on each side) and secure on the back of the frame.

4.Spell out a phrase with your sticker letters and paste on the frame.

5.Normally I would tell you how to “back” the frame so that the ends aren’t visible from behind, but this is a simple frame DIY!!! So stop here, put your photo in, and revel at how crafty you are 🙂 If you do want to back the frame, I suggest cutting a sheet of card stock the size of the frame and sealing it on the back with scrapbook stickies. You can also use glue, but I find it gets everywhere and doesn’t stay down too easily.

Hope you enjoyed this quick DIY. Even for more experienced artists, it can be nice to add a simple touch to your room that doesn’t require much work. Next time things will be a little more complicated…

xoxo, Chloe <3


  1. Charlotte says:

    Great frames and beautiful models!

  2. says:

    This really brought back memories from years ago. What a great idea and an easy craft project for “the less artistically inclined”. Grandma

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