All the Art I’m Not Seeing That I Wish I Was

I am writing from my post at the Tufts Art Gallery. Surrounded by art, I can only dream of all the exhibits I wish I was seeing at home in New York City. If you are lucky enough to be there, go see these exhibits. Take pictures. Send them to me. Some of these shows will still be open when I’m home for winter break, and I might be able to catch a couple over Thanksgiving break. SO stoked. In the meantime…

Here are links to the top ten gallery shows I wish I could go see:

  1. Signal: Meriem Bennani- Gradual Kingdom
  2. Sugarlift: Lizzie Gill- Textpectations
  3. Bridget Donahue Gallery: John Russell- SQRRL
  4. 601 Artspace: My Brother Is A Liar
  5. Albertz Benda Gallery: Tadanori Yokoo- 49 Years Later
  6. Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery: Stephen Wilkes- Day to Night
  7. De Buck Gallery: Kelly Reemstem-Smashing
  8. Microscope Gallery: Sarah Halpern- The Changing Room 
  9. E-flux: Corruption: Everybody Knows
  10. Pace Gallery: Matta in the 1950s and 1960s

Here are links to the top ten museum exhibits I wish I could go see:

  1. Fashion Underground: The World of Susanne Bartsch
  2. The New Museum: Jim Shaw- The End is Near
  3. MoMA: Andrea Geyer- Revolt, They Said and Insistence
  4. The Metropolitan Museum of Art: In and Out of the Studio- Photographic Portraits from West Africa
  5. El Museo del Barrio: Rodriguez Calero- Urban Martyrs and Latter Day Santos
  6. El Museo del Barrio: Cut N’ Mix- Contemporary Collage
  7. Museum of Art and Design: Ebony G. Patterson- Dead Treez
  8. The Guggenheim Museum of Art: Alberto Burri- The Trauma of Painting
  9. The Jewish Museum: The Power of Pictures- Early Soviet Photography, Early Soviet Film
  10. The Frick Museum: Andrea del Sarto- The Renaissance Workshop in Action
  11. The Neue Galerie: Berlin Metropolis- 1918-1933
  12. The Whitney: Rachel Rose- Everything and More

Grab a friend/your camera/your notebook/yourself and cross some of these off your list. I know I will be over Thanksgiving Break. My one concern is: how am I going to choose????

xoxo, Chloe <3

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