Take Me to the Disco: My first shoot as a stylist

Beatrix Parola, Chloe Hyman, Cecily Lo, Nina Kilmer

Several weeks ago I styled my first shoot, a 1970s dream sequence envisioned by myself and film photographer Carianne “Peggy” Older. “Take Me to the Disco” features a group of friends on their way to one of New York City’s disco clubs– like Adam’s Apple, Le Cocu, or Studio 54. We also peek behind the scenes at the hours leading up to a night on the town. The five of them peer into mirrors, imagining themselves the next Farrah Fawcett or Lauren Hutton. We see them the way they see themselves, in a pink glittery world, despite the bleak discoloration of the real world around them.

So how did this project come about?

Carianne Older, in a handmade jumpsuit from the late 60s / early 70s

As you may know, my sister and I are the founders of The Cheeky Vintage, a vintage clothing and accessories boutique. I often research pieces from our collection for articles on Canvas and Crumpets– and keep my favorite pieces for my own closet.  I’ll pair a mod dress with simple heels, or a denim skirt with go-go boots. But sometimes I have the unquenchable desire to evoke a specific period from head to toe, and it’s hard to do THAT without looking like I walked out of a time machine.

So what to do with the colorful visions swirling through my mind? The aesthetics I dream of– dripping pink silk, black leather, and and grainy streams of light– were begging to be realized. So I entered a parallel universe– photography. Behind the lens of a film camera, the extra is expected.

Meeting Carianne was like finding a Ferragamo bag in a Goodwill. (I have never personally experienced this but I imagine it’s a very emotional experience.) Carianne shares my love of vintage, and my tendency to see the world in colorful, aesthetic tableaus. She is as exuberant as I am about meeting fellow creatives, and creating performative imagery. With her film camera and my styling, we created a series of tableaus evocative of the 1970s, infused with touches of the contemporary. Take a look at our world…

Beatrix wears a black sequin tube top from the late 70s. It was my mum’s and the tag has long since worn off. The pants are from Urban Outfitters… and the milk is from the local Bodega.












I’m wearing a 70s revival 90s Maison Mendessolle jumpsuit. I’m eating ten cherries.



Hello Daddy, hello Mom. I’m your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb.

Nina glowing in a Vera button-down and a pink sequined belt sash that belonged to my Great-Aunt.











Cecily in Lady Arrow, and a turquoise + silver belt made by Navajo artists in the 1970s




She is D desirable
She is I irresistible
She is S super sexy
She is see such a cutie
She is O oh, oh, oh







All the sweet green icing flowing down/Someone left the cake out in the rain…


Ticket to ride, white line highway
Tell all your friends, that they can go my way









She’s my little girlzina,
That much hotter that a jalapeno.
Tender like a night in June,
Sweeter than a honeymoon,


I like this feeling Mr. Fahrenheit / In the heat of a Disco Night

Carianne wears a Betsey Johnson dress from the late 70s/ early 80s.














Let’s groove tonight
Share the spice of life
Baby slice it right
We’re gonna groove tonight




Cecily in a chiffon Emma Black button down from the early 80s and a vintage black leather belt.

Burn, Baby, Burn– Disco Inferno 







I’m wearing a top my Mum hand-sewed and a macrame necklace from the 1970s.







Beatrix wearing Sun Fashions of Hawaii and a handmade necklace purchased in the 70s from artists in the Southwest.



















Misty green and blue
Love to love to love you









She’s got style, y’all, she’s got class
She can groove it slow or move it fast








Lookin’ for some hot stuff, baby, this evenin’
I need some hot stuff, baby, tonight

* * *


If you’re interested in any of the pieces shown here, feel free to fill out my contact form. Want me to style your next shoot? Let’s talk collabs! Send me a message.

Many thank to my beautiful collaborators, Cecily, Beatrix, Nina, and Carianne. And a very special thank-you to Donna Summer, KC & the Sunshine Band, Chic, and all the other disco greats for making music that ignites the soul.

Until next time,


Chloe <3


  1. Jay says:

    All these ladies would be rejected by the Studio 54 doormen.

    1. chloehyman says:

      Yikes Mr. Grouchy pants!!!!

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