PROUDICK, Lindsey Mendick and Paloma Proudfoot at Hannah Barry Gallery (The Femme Art Review)

“Misandrist’s Little Cunt,” by Lindsey Mendick

Hi everyone! My second article for the Femme Art Review just went live and I couldn’t be more excited. I wrote this one immediately after seeing the work– a sign of its thought-provoking nature and inherent urgency.

PROUDICK, curated by Marcelle Joseph at the Hannah Barry Gallery, features the work of London-based artists, Lindsey Mendick and Paloma Proudfoot. The exhibit explores the perceived danger of the femme fatale through the objects that surround her domestic space. But in exaggerating and poking fun at the mythical trope of the femme fatale, the artists reveal the ‘grotesque’ aspects of body and mind that womyn feel compelled to hide from the world.

Intrigued? Click HERE to read my review.

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